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About seven years ago, I had my first baby.  I wanted so badly to have a newborn photo session and family photos, but each time I called around to get a professional photographer I was deterred by the prices.  Being a stay at home mom while my husband wasn't quite making money, I couldn't afford hundreds or even thousands (!) of dollars to get professional photos.  


So, I managed by taking a billion photos of my baby.  Then, I started taking pictures for my friends and their children and realized that I loved being a part of family's memories and I loved seeing my work hanging on their walls!  It means so much that I was able to capture a moment precious enough to be displayed. 


So I came up with a plan.  I want to take pictures of families and children and make it accessible for all families... especially for those families who can't quite afford spending hundreds of dollars on photos.  I spend countless hours looking over old pictures of my kids and I know you gaze at your baby's photos, too.  


I love what I do.  I enjoy meeting families and interacting with their children.  I am committed to making my service affordable for the families I photograph.  I'm excited to be a part of your home's walls or be a part of your family's Christmas cards. I revel in the thought that I get to be a part of a present for moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas! 


Hope to meet you and your family soon!   ||  973-922-0533 

© Copyright 2015 Kyung Lee

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