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Once Upon a Random Day...

Welcome to once upon a random day... where I plan to post things that don't quite have one central theme. That's the result of my life the result of a Korean born, New Jersey-raised, once history teacher turned into full time mom, now part time graphic designer, photographer, web designer girl who loves to do just about everything. I get random urges to post something I did, something I learned, something I want to do... and now I've finally gotten up the nerve to begin.

What you can expect:

  • Korean inspired recipes. Probably straight up traditional Korean meals (in English), maybe some Korean-inspired meals. Some family friendly - some more for grown-up tastes.

  • Baking. I love to bake. I love easy-baking recipes.

  • Crafts. I am a craft-a-holic. Usually kid friendly. Some just for myself. I'm currently thinking about starting an art-group with my kids' friends... maybe that will happen and maybe that will end up on this blog.

  • Family Activities. Once in a while I'll come up with something fun.

  • Home teaching resources. This is where my history teaching comes in. I love creating lessons. It's a passion, an obsession, and I'm okay at it. So I thought maybe what I can do is give some of my teaching stuff a tweak and make it accessible for home schooling moms. For moms who love to infuse their children's lives with the love of learning.

  • Photography / Design accomplishments and inspiration. Why not? It's what I do now for work and why not have you learn along with me? So random.

  • Inpiration. What inspires me and maybe will inspire you too. I am blessed with many talented, intelligent, and fabulous women in my life. I'll pass on their wisdom through the blog.

What may end up happening is that there may be a theme. There may form some type of central idea that I run with. But for right now, I'm just throwing it all out there. One random day at a time.

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